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Westholme School Mixed-U11A vs  Blackburn Primary Schools
On: Friday, 08 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

On Friday 8th March a team of year 5 and 6 swimmers went to the annual Blackburn Primary Schools Gala held at Darwen Leisure Centre. This was a late gala with it starting at 7pm but our team were far from tired. We were all ready and raring to go and everyone swam their fastest each person making their finals. The team took an amazing 10 wins in the finals, with us close 2nd in two events and in top 5 in the remaining events. We are so proud of the swimmers and their amazing efforts at the event, they were all a credit to themselves and to school.

The results were as follows:

Girls IM - 2nd Nicole Hargreaves

Boys Backstroke - 1st Neel Nadanapu

Girls Backstroke - 1st Ayesha Vose

Boys Butterfly - 1st Sanad Saidan

Girls Butterfly - 1st Nicole Hargreaves

Boys Medley Relay - 1st, Backstroke - Charlie Eastham, Beaststroke - Zain Sykes, Butterfly - Sanad Saidan, Freestyle - Harry Richmond

Girls Medley Relay - 1st, Backstroke - Ayesha Vose, Beaststroke - Saanvi Reddy, Butterfly - Nicole Hargreaves, Freestyle - Willa Barnett

Boys Breaststroke - 4th Zain Sykes

Girls Breaststroke - 5th Saanvi Reddy

Boys Frontcrawl - 1st Harry Richmond

Girls Frontcrawl - 1st Evie Smith

Boys Freestyle Relay - 1st, Sanad Saidan, Chalie Eastham, Neel Vandanapu, Harry Richmond

Girls Freestyle Relay - 1st, Ayesha Vose, Saanvi Reddy, Evie Smith, Nicole Hargreaves

Team Canon - 1st, Harry Richmond, Willa Barnett, Ayesha Vose, Neel Vandanpu, Sanad Saidan, Nicole Hargreaves